About Us

Bay Street Cannabis has been created to serve as the country’s first equity crowdfunding portal for cannabis companies.

The cannabis business has emerged as one of our country’s most important sectors and the Bay Street Cannabis portal will allow Canadians to invest in this exciting new industry. Bay Street Cannabis is named after the centre of finance in Canada because we intend to provide cannabis companies across the country with the best access to capital. Bay Street Cannabis offers investors who qualify access to companies in the cannabis sector.


Oscar A Jofre

Oscar is currently one of the top 10 global thought leaders in Equity Crowdfunding, and has published an eBook that has been downloaded in over 20 countries, and been distributed by partners worldwide.

Oscar is a featured speaker on equity crowdfunding, compliance, governance, and transparency in the USA, Australia, UK, Canada, Peru, Singapore, Indonesia and China.



KoreConX provides a free all in one platform to allow the companies to manage all their corporate records, shareholder management and communications to meet their regulatory requirements.


A leading accounting firm helping companies equity crowdfunding in Canada.